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Unpublished Papers

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Doggonit, You're Doing It All Wrong!
Are you experiencing problems with threaded fittings, solvent welding, pressure rating, surges, thrust blocking, UV resistance, or repairs? Here is a slide presentation, which discussed some of the common mistakes made. 

Presented: American Society of Irrigation Consultants National Conference 2013

Water Hammer & Pressure Surges in PVC Systems
A discussion of the cause and effects of water hammer or pressure surges within a system. With an explaination as to why pressure guages, surge arrestors, and PRV's will NOT eliminate the problem. Why the number of surges to fail can not be determined!

August 2012

Do Solvent Welded Fittings Need To Be Thrust Blocked?
This is a question that many installers and project owners ask. The answer to this question is no, but we must need to know the reasoning behind this response.

August 2010

Pressure surges; how to check and cure them!
Most gauges and pressure recorders will only reflect, or show, less than one-half of the peak surge pressure because their mechanisms cannot react quickly enough. Many times an oil-filled gauge will be installed to provide a steady needle for easy reading; but the dampening of the needle movement hides the surges and damage that is being done to the system.

January 2011

Water Hammer & Pressure Surges in PVC Systems
Everyone is familiar with the phenomena of "Rattling Pipes" when turning on and off water systems within the house. Pressure surges in piping systems are common and many times can be destructive too.

August 2012