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PVC Piping Systems - Helpful Tips for Avoiding Problems
This booklet is intended to help users and installers understand installation errors that can result in system damage or failure, or help to make determinations as to why damage to a PVC piping system has occurred.

Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association, 2011

How to Avoid Problems with Threaded Plastic Fittings
Today, there are millions of miles of plastic piping with threaded fittings, providing reliable, leak-free service. Here are some of the Do's and Don'ts of PVC joint assembly.

Landscape & Irrigation, August 1986

How to Make Leak-Free PVC Joints
How many times have you had ato repair a broken or leaking PVC irrigation system only to have the repair leak?

Grounds Maintenance, April 1987

How to Repair Irrigation System Breaks
It always seems to happen the first thing in the morning---a leak in your irrigation system that needs to be fixed immediately. What is the best way to repair the problem?

Grounds Maintenance, June 2000

Knitlines, Bondlines & Weldlines... what are they
It looks like a crack on the side of the fitting. But it is a normal feature on injection molded fittings.

Grounds Maintenance, October 2002

Why PVC Threaded Connections Fail
To understand what happens when a threaded joint is tightened, we must understand the mechanics of tightening a joint.

ISG Communications, Inc. November 2005 &
Presented: Monterrey N.L. Mexico January 2006

Understanding Threaded Parts
Although the following information is specific to PVC plastic fittings, the concept holds true for other materials.

Irrigation & Green Industry, August 2006

Exploding the Myth: Do Deep Sockets Fittings or Improper Application of Cement Cause Failure?"
Some manufacturers believe that the best way to avoid this problem is to use longer sockets. It sounds pretty logical a deeper socket seems like it would provide extra reinforcement for jointed areas.
Irrigation & Green Industry, August 2006

PVC fittings-Features and Drawbacks
Most of the problems that within PVC systems arise from three basic causes, all of which can be avoided if you realize that PVC is different from other materials.

Presented: Monterrey N.L. Mexico March 2008 &
Irrigation & Green Industry, November 2008

Characteristics of PVC Pipe
Before deciding to use PVC in your irrigation system, there are some important points you should be aware of. They are: the differences between PVC and steel, PVC pipe rating, visco-elasticity issues, and water hammer.

Grounds Maintenance, May 1988

Pressure Regulation at Each Spray Head
Without adequate pressure, the coverage and flow necessary for proper irrigation is missing.

Irrigation & Green Industry, October 2008

Failure Analysis 101
When the irrigation system blows, a little detective work helps determine the cause.

Golf Course Management, June 2010

Can You Believe That Gauge?
The unsteady or flickering needle shows that the system is seeing rapid changes in pressure. These rapid pressure changes, over time, can lead to failure of the pipes, fittings, or other components.

Irrigation & Green Industry, September 2010