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Patents Issued

US 6,758,244 B2 - Thrust plug and method for using a thrust plug

A thrust plug that performs the function of plugging the end of a fitting, or the like and providing a surface against which concrete can be cast, facilitating thrust blocking.

US 6,709,020 B2Stabilizer Elbow Lock

A stabilizer elbow lock that prevents a seal between a stabilizer elbow and a coupler valve from being broken by engaging at least a portion of the stabilizer elbow and by engaging at least a portion of the coupler valve.

US 3,659,377- Checkout Stand Toy With Turntable Drive

A motor drives a screw, which rotates two worm wheels.  One worm wheel is fixed to a shaft that constantly rotates.  The other worm wheel is fixed to a drive roller that can selectively engage a turntable to rotate in the opposite direction.

US 3,636,654 - Stuffed Talking Toy Representing A Radio

In order to prevent injury when a child brushes by an antenna, the antenna tube is not attached to the casing and therefore can be easily knocked over.

US 3,740,056 - Phonograph Toy Having Swingable Motor

Record-driving motor is pivot mounted and the motor output shaft is spring-loaded against a record thereby trapping a phonograph needle between record groove and fixed speaker cone.

US 3,590,515 - Shampoo Doll

The object is to provide a method for producing a check valve of a type suitable for a doll.  The design consists of a soft body and rigid poppet.