Expert4PVC Consulting

Helpful tools

Below are some helpful tools that have been developed by Expert4PVC Consulting for your use.

Design Properties

Find various physical and mechanical properties of Iron Pipe Size (IPS) pipes.

Expansion Loops

Using the thermal expansion of various pipe materials and the temperature range experienced, find the correct dimensions for expansion loops and the stresses developed.

Pipe Sizer©

Input the desired flow rate and system velocity, and find the PVC & CPVC pipe sizes to use.

Pressure Rating of PVC pipe

Find the pressure rating of PVC & CPVC pipes from ½ thru 12 diameter.

System Velocity & Head Loss

Determine the frictional head loss within a system. Variables include system pipe material, size, velocity and length.

Water Hammer Calculator

Calculate the pressure surge developed in piping system and critical close time for valves. Variables include various pipe materials, schedules, diameters, length and flow.

PVC Schedule 80 Takeout Dimensions

Find the ASTM standard dimension from the socket bottom to the adjacent pipeline centerline.

Friction Loss of fittings

Get the frictional flow loss of PVC and CPVC fittings in equivalent pipe length.

Mileage Mizer

Learn how much money can be saved annually by increasing your gasoline mileage.

New ItemChemical Resistance Lookup

Use this interactive lookup tool to find the suitability of over 500 chemicals with various piping and gasket materials.