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Android Apps

Expert4PVC Consulting has developed a few Android® based applications that can be downloaded and installed on your device.

You must enable the Unknown sources setting before you can install apps that are not downloaded from Google Play. Android protects users from inadvertent download and installation of apps from locations other than Google Play (which is trusted). It blocks such installs until the user opts-in. Unknown sources are generally at: Settings > Security

Unknown Sources

To allow the installation of applications from other sources, users need to enable the Unknown sources setting on their devices, and they need to make this configuration change before they download an application to their devices. Note that some network providers do not allow users to install applications from unknown sources.

Select the "Title" or the Android icon (Android icon) to download the "App".

Expert4PVC developed Android Apps

Headloss of Fittings App

Get the frictional flow loss of PVC and CPVC fittings in equivalent pipe length.

Expansion Loop Calculator App

Using the thermal expansion of various pipe materials and the temperature range experienced, find the correct dimensions for expansion loops and the stresses developed.

Water Hammer Surge Calculator App

Find the surge pressure developed in a piping system by changing velocities (valve & pump activity).

Design Properties of pipe App

Find various physical and mechanical properties of Iron Pipe Size (IPS) pipes.

Pipe Sizer© App

Input the desired flow rate and system velocity, and find the ideal PVC & CPVC pipe size to use.

Pressure Rating of PVC Pipe App

Find the pressure rating of PVC & CPVC pipes from ½ thru 12 diameters.

Fitting Takeout Dimensions App

Find the ASTM standard dimension from the socket bottom to the adjacent pipeline centerline.

Flow Velocity and Friction Headloss App

Find the velocity of flow, the frictional headloss and system friction loss of a piping system for various pipe materials.

New ItemChemicial Resistance Lookup App

Use this interactive lookup app to find the suitability of over 500 chemicals with various piping and gasket materials. Once installed, internet is not required!

How Far Calculator App

Use this App to find the distance between two GPS locations! After the first GPS coordinates are recorded they are automatically stored for future recall. When the second GPS reading is made, and the desired units of feet, yards, or miles are selected, the results are given in three values. A straight line distance, the variance East or West and North or South from the first location.


Future Value App

Have you wondered how much your investment will grow over a specific time period? This app will calculate the appreciation of an investment, using your input of interest rate and term.

Amortizer© App

Figure the monthly payment on a loan! Input uses loan amount, term, & interest rate.

Mileage Mizer© App

Learn how much money can be saved annually by increasing your gasoline mileage.